take it as it comes
Russian girl from Estonia/Tallinn

Think rich,
look poor.

mine and Anton’s shoes. 

film camera

my lovely Ant is playing in the underground. 

(the quality of photos is fucking bad because i have no scanner)

Patti Smith

Yesterday I received my photos from Patti’s autograph session.

Patti is signing a book 

And Patti is talking to people

this is me talking with Patti and presenting to her the portrait

how I met Patti Smith

well, a week had passed since I met Patti.

Everythins was perfect. I sat in the second row at the autograph session. Took few pictures of Patti with my Zorkiy-4K. I wanted her to sign my work (portrait of her) and also her book “Just Kids”. But when I gave her my work she asked me:

- What do you want me to do with this?
- I want you to sign it!
- No, you should sign it, it’s your work!
*signing my book*
- Great work. Keep working!

Well. It was pretty good to hear this comment from Patti. Then I decided to wait until all the people get autographs. When all the people left, I came near to Patti and presented her the portrait of her. 

- Are you sure? Oh, you also signed it to me!
- Of course I’m sure.
 - I’ll take care of this.

And she gave me her plectrum. I was the happiest in the hole world.
The most unbelievable thing was when she presented to my boyfriend a ticket to her concert. We were so happy! We spent a great night listening to Patti and her band. When they started to play “Gloria” song I ran to the stage and started dancing!

I found this pic on the Internet. This is me dancing between two blonde girls,